Input Entry Integration for an Auto-Memoization Processor


Ryosuke ODA, Tatsuhiro YAMADA, Tomoki IKEGAYA, Tomoaki TSUMURA, Hiroshi MATSUO, Yasuhiko NAKASHIMA : "Input Entry Integration for an Auto-Memoization Processor", Proc. of The 3rd Workshop on Ultra Performance and Dependable Acceleration Systems (UPDAS) ,pp179--185 (Nov. 2011) Proceeding


We have proposed an auto-memoization processor based on computation reuse. The table for registering inputs/outputs is implemented by a ternary CAM, and the input sequences are stored onto the table, being folded into tree forms. This paper proposes a new registration model for merging multiple input entries into a single entry. The new model can efficiently store input values and can reduce the search cost. The result of the experiment with SPEC CPU95 suite benchmarks shows that the new model improves the maximum speedup ratio from 40.5% to 50.0%, and the average speedup ratio from 10.5% to 16.4%.