Content-Aware Precision Control on a Real-Time Video Processing Library


Takuya MATSUNAGA, Shinji OHIRA, Tomoaki TSUMURA, Hiroshi MATSUO : "Content-Aware Precision Control on a Real-Time Video Processing Library", Proc. 2013 High Performance Computing & Simulation Conf. (HPCS2013) ,pp453--460 (Jul. 2013) Proceeding


The performance of general purpose computers is increasing rapidly, and now they are capable of running video processing applications. However, on general purpose operating systems, real-time video processing is still difficult because there is no guarantee that enough CPU resources can surely be provided. A pseudo real-time video processing library RaVioli has been proposed for addressing this issue. RaVioli conceals two resolutions, frame rate and number of pixels, from programmers and provides a dynamic and transparent resolution adjustability. Using RaVioli, pseudo real-time video processing can be achieved easily, but output precision may be roughened for reducing processing load. To solve this problem, this paper proposes a new load adjustment method for RaVioli, which can divide whole video frame into several sub-frames, and can process each subframe with appropriate resolution or precision automatically.